Francesca Zerenghi - Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The conception of Francesca Zerenghi, who founded Cinegirl, is aimed at empowering women working within the film and tv industry. Cinegirl is a network for women aiming at welcoming women into a community, providing support and network.

After returning back from Singapore and Dubai, where she lived for numerous years, while successfully running a consulting company, Francesca decided to step away from the corporate world and embark in her true passion: the world of the arts. 

While raising a beautiful little woman, called Ottavia, she attended film school and successfully graduated with an MA in Cinematography. The combination of freelance work as a Cinematographer and years of corporate management,  sparked the idea of Cinegirl. She felt that something needed to be done about the fact that women often found it harder to achieve their dream than men - appearing to be caused by a difference in way of behaving and confidence instead of a superior skill set. The notion that men were employed on their potential and women not, somehow had to be changed. 

“Recognising the importance of surrounding yourself by intelligent, generous and inspiring women will undoubtedly increase your own confidence and network” is the ethos behind Cinegirl. 

Sarah Scott - Nutritional Therapist

Sarah is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipION, BANT, CNHC) and is interested in the inter-play between what we eat, our lifestyle and the resulting impact on our health. She enjoys writing articles that empower and provide knowledge so people can take control of their health and wellbeing. Sarah practices yoga regularly and likes experimenting with healthy-baking which she trials on her husband and two girls.

Briony Puddepha - Writer

Briony is a writer who has recently created a comedy web-series called Live With It, which is inspired by the moment she was dumped whilst sitting on the toilet. Alongside writing about toilet humour, she aims to write interesting roles for women and non-binary people, and promote diversity and inclusion onscreen. In her free time, she likes to eat chocolate, argue about feminism and force cats to love her.

Carlotta Beck Peccoz - Writer

Carlotta is a filmmaker and writer. After three years in UK she learned to combine bleak sense of humour with good Italian vibes. She studied cinema and arts. She doesn’t like queues, misogyny and pigeons. She loves loud music, wine, plants and cats.

Pia Subramaniam - Writer

Pia is a striving content creator who loves to write about unspoken truths. Book and music lover, but also mostly at the gym. 

Caitlin McLeod - Writer

Caitlin is a theatre and film director working for over a decade in both London and New York. In 2016 she received a Sky Arts Scholarship to found her new-writing company The Coterie which develops multi-disciplinary performance projects with women at the core. Her latest short PLANTLIFE was a finalist in the London LIFT-OFF Festival 201.

Liv Cascales - Art Direction & Graphic Design

Sacha Claxton - Networking Coordinator

Nic Roques - Photographer

Proofreader - Sienna Beckman