On a sunny September morning, I am off to meet and interview Emily-Jane Robin- son (a.k.a. Emmy) and be introduced to Emmyland’s world for the very first time. As I am google mapping my way to Em- myland‘s Headquarters in Brockley, I am trying to picture how this boutique came- ra rental place would look like. I know (as I had been stalking her on Instagram) that she has a dog called Merlin and a smaller one called Queen and she has her custo- mary onion-style hair and a striking red lipstick. And here I am, standing in front of her and she looks exactly as I imagined her. Nice to meet you Emmy!

As we settled on the comfy mid century mo- dern sofas, we start chitchatting and it is already clear that Emmy’s background is diverse and unique. I am intrigued.

She was born in England but grew up in Sou- thern California. She graduated with a BA in Design and Media Arts from the University of California, with also a minor in Women’s and Gender studies. After returning to the UK, approximately ten years ago, she continued her Fine Art studies pursuing a Masters at UCL Slade School of Fine Art in London whist also beginning her career within the camera department.

Linking Fine Art studies with being a Focus Puller

During her fine art courses she managed to integrate her studies with filmmaking and photography. In the US, she was assisting Rebeca Méndez (Film and Mul- timedia Installation Artist working with her on filmmaking and videography wor- ks. From art-installations to other avant-garde media genres she began nurturing a deeper understanding and passion about the camera world.

Photo by Nic Roques

Photo by Nic Roques