interview with netti hurley,

Like most interviews, it’s always so difficult to step inside someone’s life and start sniffing about their past, present and future. One always wonders if the answers are carefully orchestrated or since- re. These were the things I was considering as I waited to be served by the slowest barista on the planet - running late as ever to meet director and photographer, Netti Hurley (Netti). After I finally got my two hot cups of coffee, I raced over to Ne- tti and, of course, managed to spill them all over myself. However, her no-nonsense, chitchatty, effortless hip-look and heartfelt personality rapid- ly emerged, making me feel balmy and forget all about my burnt fingers.

We met in a quiet, tucked away courtyard and, with the warm autumnal sun rising, the vibe was airy and calm. We nestled down onto a woody bench, I pressed the rec button and, taking our first sips of coffee, we started.

How did you start working in this industry and what is your background?

My dad is an actor. It’s always been there in some way. He had me reciting Shakespeare in his van since a very young age. During school holidays he would build us a stage - ei- ther in the house or in the garden and we would write plays and act. I actually wanted to be an actor. It was everything for me when I was younger but somewhere I really lost that - I think I became too self conscious. Happier behind the camera. I’ve always loved taking photos - experimenting with various cameras I find in boot fairs. Love the feeling with analogue, that kind of nostalgia, romance and surprise. After Uni I started working in the music industry. Music has always been a big inspiration to me but then I realised it was the visual narrative around music that I loved the most. It’s a process I think, learning exactly how you want to express yourself and where you sit. I think that’s ongoing. I’ll have that feeling forever. Moving image was just another expression of this.