It wasn’t long ago that I re-watched Kenneth Brana- gh’s Cinderella with my daughter on an idle wee- kend, admiring Cinderella’s beautiful dream blue dress during the ball scene. How much fabric did they use? Was it made of satin? Were the butterflies real? These were all questions my daughter and I kept asking ourselves. And before I knew it, I was due to meet and interview the established and talen- ted costume designer, Lauren Miller.

As my first-time meeting with Lauren approached, I prepared my notes and thought about the process from script to costume – and the magic of it all. She entered the cafe, and there she was: a tall and confi- dent woman striding towards me, greeting me with a beautiful smile. Nice to meet you, Lauren.

What is your background?

After completing my BA in Fashion and Textile Design, I star- ted working as an intern for brands like Ted Baker. They then offered me a job and I went on to do Visual Merchandising for Accessorize, learning the ropes of fashion and design. It wasn’t till long after that I decided to leap into the freelancing world. At the beginning I had reservations, as I was new to the industry and didn’t know anyone. I knew I wanted to become a Costu- me Designer, but I barely had any work. So, I stared working on very small budget productions and projects – mainly short films. It’s thanks to working on those projects that I learnt my craft.

What made you choose to become a Costume Designer?

I had an interest in fashion and clothes from a young age, but watching Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands confirmed my am- bition. My mother always nurtured my artistic side, and I later discovered that both of my parents were very creative, inclu- ding my father who was briefly a tailor.

Photo by Nic Roques

Photo by Nic Roques