She Named Me Sylvie

She Named Me Sylvie

The voice of young Betty's eating disorder manifests itself in her music box ballerina, Sylvie.

Betty (12) is prohibited from participating in her beloved gymnastics team due to her increased weight loss. She struggles to see the value of her life after this setback; gymnastics being an incredibly important part of her identity. Cut off from the support of her teammates and unable to rely on her parents, Betty shares her pain with the only friend she has left: Sylvie, the beautiful figurine in her music box.

Sylvie continually reminds Betty of the overweight child she once was and pushes her to pursue the perfect physical ideal, coaxing her to over-exercise and starve herself. Betty hides Sylvie’s existence from her well-meaning parents who, despite all their best efforts, are increasingly unsure how to handle their daughter’s situation. With tension rising over dinner, Betty begins to realise the damage she is causing both to her family and to herself. 

At rock bottom Betty confronts Sylvie admitting that she is terrified of her illness. As Sylvie begins to lose her power over Betty she becomes increasingly insistent. Finally, Betty finds the courage to close the music box for good and throws it away.  

Eleven years later, light streams in and the box opens once more. Betty, now grown up and clearly emotional sits with the box poised on her lap. Sylvie doesn’t hesitate to welcome Betty back into her world, leaving us with the cold realisation that Betty has relapsed and given renewed prominence to Sylvie’s voice. 

Visit their Kickstarter Campaign    here

Visit their Kickstarter Campaign here

Meet The Team

Heini Susanne - Director IMDb

Since graduating with an MA in Directing from METFilm School, Heini has directed multiple music videos and is currently working on two short films. In addition to writing and directing shorts, commercials and music videos, Heini has a significant amount of experience as a first assistant director.

Tomm Coles - Producer IMDb

Tomm has worked in the creative industries for over 15 years. After graduating from METFilm school with an MA in Producing Tomm has produced content for several companies and NGOs including Alice Made This, The European Environmental Bureau and High Mood Food. In 2018 Tomm produced three short films, all of which are currently in consideration at international film festivals. This year he has just wrapped on ‘Cheating’, a short dark comedy which is currently in post production. Tomm has also worked on the production team on projects for Jamie Oliver productions, Daybreak Pictures and Cazzari Pictures. He is also currently an associate producer of feature film Crazy Blue, the second feature on a slate of projects for the Movie Collective helmed by Marcus Markou (Papadopolous and Sons) and Cassian Elwes (The Butler, Mudbound, Cabin Fever).

Johanna Saarilouma - Screenwriter IMDb

Johanna worked for many years as a psychologist in Finland before moving to London in 2016 to study for an MA in Script Writing at Goldsmiths. While studying Johanna wrote the screenplay for 'Twenty Minutes', which went on to complete a successful run of festivals in 2017. Among the many festivals at which this film was screened are Bristol Encounters and Aesthetica. Having completed her MA, Johanna has been gaining additional experience writing for different media. Largely due to her experience as a psychologist, Johanna writes character-based drama from a psychological perspective, focusing on themes related to mental health, families and trauma survival. She continues to work as a psychologist alongside her screenwriting career.

Emmi Kivinen - Producer IMDb

Emmi has a BA in Film and Television Production from Turku Art Academy, and an MA in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths. From her childhood to late teens, she was a member of youth theatre and developed a passion for drama, storytelling and script development. Emmi has written, produced and developed programmes and content for significant brands and broadcasters including Finnair, Slush and MTV3. In addition, she has written and produced several music videos, theatre and short films, and facilitated filmmaking education for children and teenagers. She is also a recipient of a scriptwriting grant from the Finnish Film Foundation.

Miguel Carmenes - Cinematographer IMDb

Miguel's long-standing career in Cinematography started in Ecuador where he was working on commercials as well as short films. He came to London to study a MA in Cinematography at MetFilm School and has successfully integrated to the UK film industry since graduating in 2018 with clients like NIKE, The BRIT Awards, Superdry, Team GB and DHL. Miguel sees Cinematography as a language; it's how he communicates. To him, it feels like home; being behind the camera and close to the action is the place where he has found comfort and a way to express himself creatively. 

Interview with Emily Rice

Interview with Emily Rice

Let’s talk about 50:50 

Let’s talk about 50:50