All in Summer Issue '19

The Evolution of Swimwear

Through decades and generations, values are constantly shifting and minds are opening. Social change is always slow, especially when it comes to discrimination of women because of their gender. Whether the argument was about a woman’s right to vote, work, or make her own decisions, these topics were often considered highly controversial. One interesting topic that has evolved a great amount throughout the years, is that of the female swimsuit. Women are finally able to wear whatever type of swimming suit they wanted, yet we still see issues and conflicts surrounding a female’s choice of outfit for the beach.

Sustainability on Screen

When you think of “sustainability on screen” – where does your mind go? Perhaps you think of news reports on freak weather or an episode of Blue Planet. You might even think of disaster movies like Day after Tomorrow or Deepwater Horizon. These are all valid examples of course, but what would your response be if we challenged you to help spark an environmental revolution through the content you make and the storylines you create, no matter the genre?

A Nutritional Approach to Summer Skin and Heat

Summer is a wonderful season - the daylight hours are long, there is renewed energy to make the most of the day, enjoy the weather and feel the warm sun on our skin. As soon as the sun shines, the parks are full of people enjoying the outdoors, lying on the grass relaxing in groups and the pubs spill out onto the streets with jovial punters. The weather can most definitely impact on our mood, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

Female screenwriters should be “bossy” - why I made a web-series, and you should too

Recently, I have been pretty bossy. I wrote, co-produced and starred in a web-series calledLive With It, and after this experience, I want more female screenwriters to create their own content.

Live With It tells the story of a couple who share nothing but a flat and a stubborn nature, and when they break up, neither of them want to move out. As they fight to co-exist, they irritate everyone around them and discover that their living situation may be more complicated than they first imagined. The protagonist is “bossy”; she’s basically a more annoying version of myself.

Interview with Emily Rice

What is your background? What did you study?

My background is definitely in music. I started playing the cello when I was about 7 years old and I was one of two young women accepted to study music A-level at Harrow School on a full scholarship. I then went on to study music for my undergraduate degree at the University of York, before finally making my way to LA to take the film scoring programme at USC. It was a little while before starting at USC that I really started paying attention to film as well, my job requires both after all!