All in December Issue '18

Maja Jensen

Approximately eight years ago, Maja Jensen moved to London from a little village in Denmark. It is on a drizzling Saturday morning in London that I meet Maja at a coffeeshop inside a central, hip photography gallery. My voice memo is on. Coffees are ready. She’s going to tell me about her job working as a Grip.

Five things I Learnt From Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

A few years ago I ran a successful crowdfunding campaign through the Australian crowdfunding platform, Pozible, for my comedy web series, Freemales. If anyone has looked into running a crowdfunding campaign then they’d have likely come across the usual tips and tricks ie: Set a realistic goal, have a great pitch video etc... and while those are extremely useful and worth looking into, I want to share 5 things that I learnt while crowdfunding that are also worth keeping in mind.